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Boarding Options 

We offer many different boarding options. We only feed the highest quality feed by Bluebonnet Feeds, alfalfa hay and coastal. If your horse needs specialized feed program or supplements we feed at no extra charge. ​

1 ac Pasture Boarding

1ac lots available for 1 horse. These pastures have plenty of grass and a 12x16 shelter on each one. 

We have 8 1ac pastures 

Mare Motel Boarding

Mare Motel stalls are 14x36 with a 20ft run. This is an open air barn, great for South Texas summers. 

4 Mare Motel stalls 

2 ac Pasture Boarding

We have 4 lots that are 2 ac each. With a 20x20 shed in each lot


These lots are nice size to accomidate 2 horses in each pen. We pair horses that get along well. Lined with 4 strand electric tape and wire fencing.

Large pasture Boarding

We have two options for pasture boarding. A large 20ac pasrture with a large 32x24 shed row. We also have a 15 ac pasture with shelter with a large tank.


We have no more then 5 horses per pasture and match horses accordingly

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